What is Puzzling Bytes?

Puzzling Bytes is a developer name I chose to use for my Android applications on Google Play. In the future, it might become something time will tell.

Why Puzzling Bytes?

Well, coming up with a new name that is not already taken is not easy today. There are already some odd names out there so I thought that Puzzling Bytes would fit right in. Puzzling bytes was also one of the few domain names that I looked up that was not already registered.

Who am I?

My name is Mikael Olsson. I am a 30 year old Swedish programmer with a master's degree in Computer Science. I have mostly worked with developing in pure Java and for Android devices. However, I also enjoy programming in other languages like e.g. C, C++ and Assembly. In my spare time besides programming, I play games like Starcraft 2 & FTL, listen to a wide verity of music and enjoy watching almost anything Sci-Fi related.